Online and In-Person Therapy

In-person or online options

Therapy works best when we meet weekly. If we meet in person, we talk in my consulting room. If we meet virtually, you will create a portal account to access the online virtual platform, which is HIPPA-compliant.

For virtual sessions, it’s important for you to be in a private space where you can talk freely and where you’ll have a solid Internet connection. Online therapy works best on a laptop, but some people do it on their phones.

Virtual sessions should not be conducted while you’re eating, cooking, shopping, or tending to other distractions.

Worries keep you from enjoying life

Although you have a life, you still feel isolated, even from the ones you love. Something needs to change for you to feel differently. Where do you start?

People keep running over you. They talk over you when you try to speak, and worse than that, they dismiss your thoughts and feelings. Worrying about what other people think consumes your daily life. You feel pressure to conform to other’s expectations to the point that you need to change. But how?

While you work hard and receive praise for your productivity and performance, life still feels messy. Despite the positive recognition, you still tell yourself you make mistakes, and people don’t know how messed up you feel you are. Things feel so inauthentic.

All kinds of reasons to seek therapy

Many people avoid taking the first step to engage a therapist. Some fear exposing their feelings (the secret ones) to a stranger. Many want therapy, but obligations stand in the way – whether it is work, taking care of children or ailing parents, or simply not wanting to drive to a therapist, which would interrupt an already busy day.

Trust me when I say that seeking help for the worries that interfere with living a happier life is the most important investment you can make. As a therapist, I provide space to discuss your deepest concerns without fear of judgment. My role is to help you learn the tools necessary to gain a new perspective and overcome what keeps you stuck.

168103175Let’s begin now moving toward a more enjoyable future

The good news is that I offer both in-person and online therapy sessions. Therefore, I have your worries covered, and our sessions will be the same. We will see and hear each other, and as we interact, things will start to change.

Let’s walk together, talk it through, iron out the wrinkles, and help you turn the page to the next chapter. I’m ready to be your guide for the journey.

Contact me today for more information about in-person or online therapy with me.