Individual Therapy for Teens

Navigating the maze

Being a teenager is not exactly a walk in the emoji park. Let’s break it down.

Loneliness feels as if you’re the only one at the “Outsider’s Club” meeting. Sometimes, life is more like a glitchy app. Speaking up is about as easy as untangling cables in the dark.

Confidence is rare, like a unicorn. Fitting in is like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. Some people breeze through it, but for you, it’s akin to finding WiFi in a forest.

168103175Things feel so complicated

Judgment radar is on high alert. Everybody has an opinion. That nagging feeling of being judged is annoying and burdensome, right?

Stress is like that clingy app that won’t close – it’s at school, in relationships, all over social media, and even in family group chats. Where’s the map to the “Help” button?

Your organizational skills are lost in a black hole. Turning things in on time? More like turning in excuses. They call it organized chaos. You would like to debug that glitchy app, but you’re not a programmer.

Home life isn’t always a sitcom. Figuring out how to interact with family members is a puzzle, and it’s too much sometimes.

For parents supporting a teen through the struggle

Your teen’s solo missions are like secret spy ops. They vanish into their room, leaving you wondering, “Why the stealth mode?” You’re confused while trying to decode their hieroglyphs. Mumbling can be a secret language, except when they’re upset – then it’s a full-on monologue.

One moment, they’re plotting world domination; the next, they’re freaking out about dinner options. Schoolwork is “Procrastination Central.” Organizational skills are absent, and grades suffer. Their room is a black hole where things disappear. Some teens need help with social skills, anxiety, or depression.

Alternatively, your teen may be high achieving, but it has come at a cost to them. The drive to succeed also drives anxiety or sadness.

168103175Empowering teens

Acknowledging the need for support is a courageous step. Adolescence, that delicate bridge between childhood and adulthood, presents a unique set of trials. Teens grapple with internal storms while striving for independence. Meanwhile, well-intentioned parents may not have answers to the frayed edges of life during this tumultuous journey.

As a therapist, I serve as a guide – a steady hand to help teens and parents across the emotional chasm. Together, we cultivate a communication channel built on trust and understanding.

Let’s face these challenges head-on

Whether it’s organizational skills, social skills, anxiety, depression, trauma, or family strife, we’ll navigate this transition together. Contact me, and let’s embark on this important journey.