Individual Therapy for Adults

634701224Life is complicated

Have you ever felt like an imposter? That nagging sense of inauthenticity and the fear that others might see through your façade is a weighty burden. Sometimes, even you misunderstand yourself. Friends, family, and colleagues may perceive you differently. Perhaps they find you lovely, while you struggle with self-doubt.

Then there’s the aftermath of life’s trials. Your child’s decision, which you labeled a mistake, lingers on your mind. You worry about their well-being, feel isolated, or fear judgment from others because of your child’s actions.

Childhood scars persist, inflicted by parents, other adults, or peers. Some people carry secrets never shared with anyone. And those who once caused you pain – teachers, supervisors, ex-friends, or partners – leave lasting marks, even though they’re no longer part of your life.

Bright shining stars with hidden burdens

Despite your outward success – a stellar career, accolades, expertise – you feel broken inside. Others remain unaware of the weight of shame, guilt, or hidden burdens.

That’s a heavy load to carry, but how do you unpack that baggage? On the outside, things look like you have everything together, but life feels hellish behind closed doors.

Behaviors that leave you feeling lost

You bend over backward for everyone, yet it drains you. Words stick in your throat during conversations, and you beat yourself up for not speaking up. Your honesty is stifled by the constant worry about what others think.

168103175Individual therapy provides a place to explore a different way of looking at life

Starting therapy can feel like leaping off a cliff – uncertain waters below – but it propels you into deeper self-discovery. Individual therapy offers a fresh perspective. It’s a place to explore life’s complexities.

Together, we’ll examine what’s not working and seek adjustments or resolutions. We’ll address triggers, relationship dynamics, communication styles, and those issues you can’t unpack with friends or family. I can help you learn to change thoughts and behaviors. I’m especially attuned to helping you find and utilize inner resources.

Let’s work together toward understanding, self-discovery, and growth. You need a guide for the journey. Contact me today for more information on how I can help.