Dream Therapy and Shadow Work

168103175What is dream therapy like?

Dream therapy is a therapeutic approach rooted in the teachings of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung explored dreams as gateways to the unconscious mind, rich with symbolism and meaning.

In Jungian therapy, dreams are seen as communications from the unconscious, offering insights into conflicts, desires, and hidden aspects of the personality. Symptoms like depression are viewed purposively. Rather than pathologizing or “fixing,” Jungian therapy asks, “Why this symptom now?” as a starting point.

We collaborate to understand and unpack dream symbols, unravel their significance, and expand awareness of your inner world. This process fosters self-growth, healing, and integration of conscious and unconscious elements of your personality. One element of Jungian dream therapy is learning about “The Shadow.”

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is a practice that focuses on identifying and exploring the unconscious parts of our personality that we reject or ignore. These hidden aspects, known as our shadow, often harbor qualities we’ve been taught to deem negative or undesirable. The shadow often holds keys to healing and personal growth. “Shadow work” is a contemporary term that describes the process of working with these hidden facets.

By delving into our shadows, we gain self-awareness and learn healthier ways to meet our needs. It’s a journey toward integration, where we embrace all aspects of ourselves to become more whole and authentic.

How do I conduct dream and shadow work?

Ongoing dream work is a therapeutic style where you keep a dream diary or journal, and you want to explore the meaning of symbols in your dreams and how they relate to your life and journey. We meet weekly, and this can be an exclusive focus of our work together or occasionally as part of regular therapy sessions.

Occasional dream work is not based on our meeting weekly. You may have had a particularly vivid, troubling, or difficult-to-understand dream. When this happens, you may want to meet a few times to unpack the dream.

168103175Let’s talk

My background is in social work and Jungian Analytical Psychology. I’m a current trainee with the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts, and I’ve been doing dream work for over ten years.

I would like to sit down with you and examine your dreams, helping you unpack them. We can work together to scrutinize your shadow and understand how it appears in dreams and daily life.

Contact me and find out more about dream therapy and shadow work.